Friday, 11 November 2011

Painsomnia and not posting.

Well, it may not technically be a real word (borrowed from @latentexistence) but it certainly feels real enough. My pain meds tend to wear off around 3am so I thought i'd share the joy with you. Aren't you so lucky?

I'm currently writing from my phone, laid back on my sofa (which is also my bed). I have my most coherant blog post ideas this time of day so it's handy to have finally got Blogger for Android figured out.

I am aware i've not posted for a bit. It's because i'm wary of creating that pressure on myself to post for the readers, rather than because I need to. It's what killed my last blog for me and I don't want it to happen again (though i'm actually considering resurrecting that, now that I have this seperate blog going).

I'm also aware that i've not mentioned my children much. Though they are indeed my purpose for existing i'm still not sure to what degree they will feature, mainly because this is my 'me' blog, about my shit and I don't really want to drag them in here.
Which brings me on to the other reason i've not posted, my 'personal' life. I've kept quiet about my decayed marriage but it is such a heavy feature in my life right now that if I don't get it out somewhere it's likely to drive me batty. So hey, lucky reader, you get to hear me piss and whinge about being disabled and you get to hear me piss and whinge about the Ex and all the crap involved with that.

Don't say I never give you anything.
Hugs n kisses n all that.

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